Thursday, February 6, 2014

new momma

It has almost been 5 years since I have become a mommy.  That also means it has been almost 5 years that I have been overweight.  I have stepped through the doors of my local weight watchers many of times only to fizzle out and give up. What makes this time different?
Well I have the support of an awesome leader which is critical since this is a lifetime journey. She is on Facebook and and there no matter what.  I am also a BSN student and the college I attend has a wellness program. Students apply and are few are selected. I made the cut! With this I have access to a nutritionist and a personal trainer 3 x a week.  Both are students graduating in May. My trainer is from new York. She is awesome and kicks my butt. She pushes me because she knows I can even when I think I can't. I'm excited to find me again. To find the me that was there before I was momma. I'll keep you involved in this journey and hopefully motivate you with me. The most anyone has lost in this 9 WK program is 27 lbs so I am determined to lose 28-30. Week one I am down 3.
My starters... sz 18/20. They took my measurements but I didn't get them.
Thanks for reading.

Monday, October 21, 2013

did you ever?

Did you ever have those days where you feel like you are running in a rat race?  Today was that day! It was a Monday...enough said?! I left to take little #1 to school and left her nap time stuff the dryer! I didn't realize it until I was at wal-mart! I came home and dropped the groceries ran out, back to school and dropped the nap stuff, went to the pharmacy...waited and waited, came home fed little #2 lunch, cut his hair, picked up little #1, went to run more errands, picked up hubby, and finally came home ALL with a migraine!
I am working on bringing you all some great giveaways I hope! I am going to try and contact some sponsors to gather some reviews.  I have been MIA awhile and I apologize as we added to our family!
Thanks for hanging in there!


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Babybayrs review and giveaway 12-21-10 to 12-27-10

Winner:  Tannis
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Timestamp: 2011-01-04 04:46:30 UTC

This review and giveaway is for another truly AWESOME and waterproof pair of trainers! My dd is super skinny and these trainers fit her PERFECTLY!  Best of all they are waterproof.  These are my go-to trainers for naps and outings when she is in her "big girl" pants!  I love that these give momma peace of mind that no mess will need cleaned up if an accident occurs!
Here is the story behind babybayrs:

I am a WAHM. I grew up and came from a remote place in China where living necessities were handmade, from growing crops to cooking foods, from growing fiber plants or raising wool animals to weaving fiber and wool into sheets and yarns, to dying, to handsewing clothes including hat, scarf, jacket, pants, blanket, quilt, socks, gloves, shoes, and woman's cloth menstrual pad :-)...everything.
My mother cooked and sewn everything for a family of seven, BTW, under oil lamp. Memories of my mother falling asleep while handsewing and needle stuck into her hand is vivid forever in me. My father did farming and is called the main provider nowdays. And he processed fibers, made fabric and yarn, dyed, and knit wool hat, gloves, socks, sweater, and pants (Besides sun, there was no other heating in winter, people had to dress in layers of padded cotton and wool clothes, wool hat with earflap, wool gloves and wool socks are must to live alive in winter). Unfortunately, both my parents died young when I was in middle school. Yet anything I can do with my hands today are from them by playing around them while they were handmaking things, by eating and wearing their works, by missing them in my later life, and by becoming one of them now - a parent.
Finally, with the long story told, my parents are my inspiration, my baby is my driving force and "consumer" for cooking and sewing. My homemade and handmade mainly baby products mean to be practical, parents friendly, "consumer" (my baby and my friends') tested, baby friendly, and/or eco friendly. If that's what you are looking for when shopping, you have come to the right place. Enjoy looking and shopping here.
Not only does she carry trainers but she also sells educational toys, bags, costumes/clothes, and more!
Check out her shop at babybayrs and get a pair of these trainers for just $14.00
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QTbunns review and giveaway 12-21-10 to 12-27-10

Winner: orangefukurou
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Timestamp: 2011-01-04 04:40:54 UTC

This review and giveaway is for an AWESOME pair of training pants by qtbunns on etsy!
We love these trainers...they came in the mail and DD opened the package (with help) and said new pants! She does not like to pee in these "big girl" pants but, when she has they hold it and then some.  No wet messes on baby or mommy!  I truly feel comfortable leaving the house with these on!
The WAHM behind these is a grandmother who made CD's for her grandchildren! 

How do you get a pair of these...
Easy got to etsy and buy a pair for just $11.00!
PLUS, she sells CD's, diaper covers, baby gift sets, wipes and bibs, momma nursing pads, and doll diapers and blankets!  Truly an AIO shop!

Win one of these awesome trainers!

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Trouser diaper bag review and giveaway! 12-14-10 to 12-20-10

Winner: Kristin
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Timestamp: 2011-01-04 04:34:37 UTC

I love this diaper bag!  It's so big and roomy!  Works great for day outings and traveling!  I also love the fact that it reflects me and my daughter!  I love that the inside is coated in plastic for easy cleaning.  I also love that you get to pick your fabrics inside and out for a completely custom bag!


This bag has 3 pockets inside (I put stuff in them to show them) and 3 outside on the front and 1 on each that's 8 pockets!  Now I love this bag for travel because I like to take a spare Mommy shirt for whatever reason and usually 2 outfits for DD plus CD's and a wet bag, cups, etc.....
This bag does it all with ease!  No more carrying multiple bags and if you have multiple kiddos this is the bag you NEED! 
How do you get one?  Go to Trouser and buy one today!

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We also offer several closure options. Including snaps, ties, and more. If you are wanting a custom order diaper bag please contact us with the colors or design you are looking for. If you have a specific fabric please email us that and we can make it happen. Please let us know when ordering!

All items are made in pet-free smoke free studio.

Friday, December 10, 2010

All I want.....rethink crafts review and giveaway 12-11-10 to 12-15-10

Congrats to Kristen & amp; Cliff
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Timestamp: 2010-12-16 20:05:26 UTC
This review and giveaway is for a sized diaper cover from Rethink crafts.  I am in LOVE with this cover...Daisies are may fav!  We use it for when we wear our "big girl pants" (aka gerber trainers) since they are not waterproof and poof...they are now!  This cover fits DD like a glove!  Most covers I have tried on her are bulky and don't fit her like they should...but this one is the exception!

Cynthia is the WAHM behind this great cover.  She is a mother of 3 who loves to create from recycled materials when ever the kids allow her the time. She lives in the beautiful Columbia River Gorge and is surrounded by people who are eco-friendly. This makes it even more inspiring to try to create using recycled/reclaimed materials and try to cut down on the amount of waste in landfills.

Here is what she says about her covers...
"This diaper wrap is made to cover any cloth diaper. It has a waterproof layer of PUL (polyurethane laminate) to minimize leaking. Extra strong Velcro helps keep the diaper secure. This diaper is lightweight, so it cuts down on the bulkiness of cloth diapers, but it offers just as much leakage control.
I made these diapers out of necessity when I realized that the more diaper covers I had, the less laundry I would have to do each week. My diaper service only provided 8 diaper covers, so I felt like I was constantly washing! I use these on my son, and have worked hard to modify the design until it was just what I was looking for to provide comfort and minimize leakage."

Buy one now at rethinkcrafts for just $13.00!

OR win one below

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****must be a us resident 18 yrs and older to win....winner will have 48 hrs to contact me or new winner will be chosen****

Thursday, December 9, 2010

All I want....New school cloth review and giveaway 12-9-10 to 12-13-10 midnight EST

congrats: mommyto1
Here are your random numbers:
Timestamp: 2010-12-16 20:05:26 UTC

  This review and giveaway is for an AWESOME pocket diaper from New School Cloth!  Open 12-9-10 to 12-13-10 midnight EST!

This is the diaper up for winning! Who doesn't like oogas????   I am not usually a fan of pocket diapers BUT I love this one!  I love that she sends 2 inserts and usually I find that the inserts that come with pocket diapers are more narrow than the diaper which only allows it to wick and leak...not the case with these inserts.  She takes a MF towel and sews it at one end!  It is able to get CLEAN and dry faster that way.  You know how you tend to get the smells with MF....doesn't happen with these I think because the layers open for washing...and the diaper!  The diaper fits my DD PERFECT!  I mean jeans, stretch pants, dresses it always fits!  I LOVE new school cloth!  In fact when/if we have another baby I am streamlining to mostly her diapers (plus my fav AIO/AI2s!

You can get one of your own at newschool for ONLY 15.95! 

Sierra Wison the mommy behind new school cloth diapers say this about her diaper...
This is a One-Size Pocket Diaper designed to fit your child from birth to potty training! Two inserts and adjustable rise settings allow this diaper to fit perfectly from 8-32+ lbs. Use the newborn insert by itself or as a nighttime doubler with the larger insert.

This diaper has a generous pocket and ½ inch wide leg casings, allowing for easy stuffing and longer, leak-free wear.

How does it work?
This diaper is made with a waterproof outer layer of PUL (Polyurethane Laminate) and an inner layer of super soft microchamois. Moisture is wicked through the microchamois to the microfiber insert—which can absorb up to 8 times its weight in liquid!—keeping your baby extra dry and rash free! ! And because this diaper is stuffable, you can adjust the absorbency for you child’s individual needs. If you need more absorbency, add another insert, an extra prefold or even an old washcloth! Snap options and hemp or bamboo absorbency boosters are available by special order."

Win one!!!

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good luck!