Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Facebook giveaway!

There will be a suprise FB giveaway this week sometime!  Make sure you are checking there....I will start having giveaways both places plus some chances to earn extra entries will be coming up....there will be a sling and diaper bag giveaway soon! 

Zirt Diaper Giveaway! 9-29-10 to 10-4-10

The winner is.....
andiemarie923 said...

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Timestamp: 2010-10-05 02:20:17 UTC

This Giveaway Opens on 9-29-10 and Ends on 10-4-10 at 8:59PM EST.  It is only open to US residents.  You must complete the mandatory Entries to be eligible to win.  Also please list your email on your entries so I may contact the winner.  (list as mommaXXX at XXXXX dot XXX) will pick the winner and the winner will be posted here...after winner is named they have 48 hrs to get back to me  or I will redraw a winner.  Thanks and goodluck!

This giveaway is for a Zirt AIO diaper!  This diaper came to me free of charge and no money has been issued for my review.  The opinion is my own.

The Zirt diaper is a AIO sized diaper.  I love the bright colors and the AIO nature.  I also love that it has a pocket for when you need that extra absorbancy!  It is hard enough to wrestle a lively 16 month old in diaper changes!  This diaper has been put to the test.  It held for about 2 hours without any leaks.  However I did need to add absorbancy when she would nap and the doubler was perfect for that!  This diaper washes nicely and dries super fast!  I like the trim fit that it has (my DD was able to wear her jeans and not have extreme fluffy butt!).  The aplix sticks like a champ.  DD likes to try and take her diapers off but couldn't take this one off as easily as others!  I do wish that there were laundry tabs on the diaper but that is the only con I can say about it!  Rachel at Zirt is super sweet and ships super fast!  She also makes mama cloth, training pants, nursing pads, and bibs!  She is a mommy so she knows what we need in CDing!  Check her shop out on etsy and get your own Zirt diaper for $10.00! 

Mandatory Entries!  Dont forget to enter each as it's own post and to include your email!

1)  Go to Zirt on Etsy and make Rachel one of your favorite sellers and also tell me what you would like from her store ~ 1 entry
2) Like me on FB ~ 1 entry

Extra Entry:
1) Follow me on Twitter~ 1 entry
2) refer up to 10 people (they must lst your name in one of the mandatory entry posts and you must list their name in your extra entry post) up to 10 extra entries
3) tell me your favorite CD and why~ 1 entry

Good luck!
My favorite diaper is my Diapers by Deb Diaper ( It is the highest quality diaper I have, and I love how strong the velco/touch tape is.

Congrats you have 48 hrs to reply to my email!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Judy Bag Company Giveaway 9-27-10 to 10-1-10

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Attila & Tamara said...

I follow you on Twitter

ID: @szogediek

szogediek at yahoo dot com

Must be a US resident to win!  Must complete the mandatory entries to win!  Contest Ends 10-1-10 at 8:59 pm EST.  Good luck!  Please make sure you include your email in your post in case you win!  Winner will have 48 hrs to claim prize.  Winner is drawn with!  

I had the privilege of reviewing this darling tutu bag for my DD.  It came super quick and was custom to my liking!  I got to pick the bag color and the writing style.  My DD loves this bag!  It's perfect for her to carry around.  It makes a great bag for snacks, toys, or a mini diaper bag!  Judy can make them for boys too!  She would add a border of trains, robots, etc!  She has several choices of bag colors.  She is offering the winner of this giveaway any item in her etsy shop!  For details how to enter see below!  This canvas bag stood up to my 16 month old DD who is very rough!  I love it and it always gets compliments!  Get yours at Judybagcompany on Etsy for only 15.00!!!! OR enter to win below!  Good Luck! 

Mandatory Entries:  Must be completed to be qualified and must be posted as 2 posts.  Make sure you include your email in case you win!  Winner will be notified and has 48 hrs to respond! 

1 entry- visit Judy's blog and become a follower!
1 entry- go to etsy and tell me a product she makes that you must also specify the style or monogram you like. 

Extra entries:
1 Entry-  Tell me where Judy lives
1 Entry-  Tell me one thing about Judy's Etsy site not mentioned here
1 Entry- Follow me on FB
1 Entry- Follow me on twitter

Sunday, September 26, 2010

New giveaway

I will be posting a giveaway Mon and Weds this week so stay tuned!  Sorry had to go out of town for family and got back later than expected!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Grovia AIO

I have some Grovia AIO Like new in vanilla that I need to sell to get more diapers for DD (cheaper ones) so we can have more of a stash....if interested email me at tlstolze at yahoo dot com.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Darling Baby Design Giveaway


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Mrs. Sutton said...
I like the orange burst mei tai
lillysutton76 at gmail dot com

Please contact me at

This giveaway is open to US residents only and will be open until 9/25/10 at 9:59 EST. You must complete both mandatory entries and post as 2 separate posts to be qualified.  Please leave your email address to be contacted if you should win.  If there is no email address and your blogger information is private I will have to redraw a winner.  You will have 48 hours to respond to the winning email.  Winners are selected using  I am not paid for my reviews they are my own opinions. 

Up for giveaway is this darling on the go baby gift set by Darling Baby Design on Etsy.  It is a wet bag, 2 wipes, and a changing pad.  This gift set is made terrycloth and cotton.  The wet bag holds the changing pad nicely and I did fit 2 cloth diapers (clean of course) into it with a little room to spare for some wipes.  The changing pad measures a generous 24"x14".  I adore this set and think it would be the perfect baby shower gift (for even those mommas who don't CD) or a great added bonus to any mom's baby changing station (home or car).  The changing pad is very soft and plush unlike those plastic feeling ones you get with your diaper bag.  It is machine washable.  Most of the items in her shop are made from vintage or up-cycled materials.  I really like the fact that she is helping to support the greener environment!  The set is just what the name implies "Darling"!  Thank you to Stephanie for this giveaway! Stephanie at Darling Baby Design has offered 15% off to all of my blog readers until Oct 31st.  Before you check out you need to message her and tell her you are a Maddysmomma reader and she will adjust the prices!

To enter the giveaway you will need to do the follow: 

Mandatory Entry:
1) follow this blog if you already follow just say so by posting here. --- 1 entry
2) Visit Darling Baby Design   and tell me one thing you see on her page that you like and post it here.--- 1 entry

Extra Entries-
3) Follow me on facebook---if you are already a fan just say hi on the page and then post here---1 entry
4) Follow me on Twitter and tweet

Our story story

I wanted to share with you all our story!  We were married in June of 2008 and decided since we were quickly getting to our 30's that we would try to have a baby.  We knew it wouldn't be easy so we saw a specialist who told us "I'll see you in Dec when you are not pregnant".  I prayed every day and took my first test on Oct 10, 2008 and when it said negative I balled.  I was having heartburn all week at the same time, I got acne (rare for me), and I passed out in Zumba.  I should add I lost 50 pounds for our wedding!  So on Oct 17th, 2008 I took another test and I saw 2 lines :) I cried to the dog (my lab) and called hubby at work out of a meeting!  I then had my first ultrasound at 5 weeks to confirm.  They saw a subchorionic hemorrhage.  We were told to expect anything!  So after a week of bed rest we returned to the doctors and I saw that flicker and I yelled it's a heartbeat (being a nurse I tend to not wait for the doctors!).  Of course I cried!  So we were sent to high risk (I don't clot either).  I had an ultrasound every other week.  At 26 weeks my blood pressure spiked but just once so they weren't concerned.  At 32 weeks I started with morning contractions after I walked the stairs at work they were 5-8 mins apart and lasted 20 mins!   I had my next ultrasound at 36 weeks and they said Maddy stopped growing at 32 weeks and they were inducing me the following week!  After a 32 hr induction I gave birth to Madeline my 5 pound baby girl!  Again being a nurse I asked the attending what her apgar scores where and he said he didn't know.  I replied go find out....he said 8 and 9 and I could breathe!  About 10 mins later she arrived in my room.  On day 2 she started the reflux and screaming.  She came home at 4 pounds 11 ounces!  At 2 weeks she was put on reflux meds and after 6 months they had her on the correct meds and doses.  After 5 long months and several specialists they determined she was allergic to casein!  She is still is my reflux baby and allergic to casein plus grass pollen and sposies but she is thriving and doing much better!  She is almost 16 months old and is 32 inches tall and weighs 22 pounds and 4 ounces!  I am thankful for my blessing and I cherish every moment with her even the tantrums!  Thanks for reading our story!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Want to get input.

I am seeking your help mommas and poppas.  I am thinking about starting an online CD and more store!  I would offer my followers up to 10% off the first month and up to 5% off the second month with monthly specials.  I am trying to see if it would be worth my time to do this.  I would be offering Drybees, WAHMIES, Rocky Mountain, Doopsy, and Tiny Tush to name a few.  Please let me know your thoughts!



Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fino Baby AI2 Review and Giveaway!Closed and winner announced!


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Nicki's Diaper Reviews said...
Follow your blog
Please contact me at maddysmomma09 at gmail dot com to claim your prize you have 48 hrs!
This giveaway will close on Sept. 22nd at 11:59pm EST!    I will post the winner with 5 days and they will also be notified via email!  Giveaway open to US residents only at this time.  
This is one of my "cute diapers"  I love the print and the fleece.  The diaper is 2 layers of poly fleece (super soft).  I chose the quick dry insert which I LOVE!  Its super soft and feels so nice I can only imagine how Maddy feels!  Its bamboo fleece topped with bamboo velour!  This diaper takes 10 washes to reach its full absorbency.   However after 3 washes we wore it and ventured out for  our errands.  Maddy is a VERY heavy wetter and this diaper passed the test at 3 1/2  hrs and no leaks!  After 5 washes it lasted lunch time to the end of her nap about 5-6 hrs.  Lastly after 10 washes it lasted the 12-13 hours at night!  Maddy use to soak through an overnight sposie!  I am very impressed with the quality, fit, and absorbency of this diaper.  I prefer it for naps/bed time over my "brand name" diapers!  Kim did a great job with her design.  She also offers fitteds, a trifold insert, coordinating inner colors, snaps or no snaps, and embellished wings or not.  These diapers are for sale on Hyena Cart at Fino Baby for $20.00 (without snaps) and up!  Very reasonable for such a great product!  The diaper below is actually our diaper! 

Mandatory Entry!  You must complete these as 2 entries in order to be entered to win!  Please leave your email in your comments here so I can notify the winner (name at email dot com) . will pick the winner. 

2 entries- (enter as 2 comments!) Go to   Maddys cloth diapering momma on Facebook and Like my page or if you already like it say must comment there and here! Become a follower of this blog.  (if you already follow just say already following!) 

Extra Entries:
1 entry- Go to  Fino Baby on FB and tell Kim I sent you-
1 entry- go to hyena cart and check out Fino Baby Store and tell me what you would like to have.
1 entry- follow me on twitter at CDingMomma ( use the follow me button on the page please) and post (once during giveaway)
1 entry- per person you refer that follows the blog....they must comment with your name.  Then in your post write extra entry and who it was that you sent....please!  You may send up to 10 people!  (please list each extra entry individually)

Stay tuned as we will have more giveaways and maybe some referral giveaways on FB!   Thanks for following and playing!  Good luck to all! 

I feel a giveaway coming!

We are one follower away from our 50!  The first person who sends a friend and they follow (they must leave a comment on this post that you sent them) gets an extra entry for the giveaway!

Thanks mamas!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

All I want for Christmas Event Extra Entries!

All I Want For Christmas Event ... Extra Entries and sponsor info

We know you guys are just as excited as we are about this All I want for Christmas Event.  It is just around the corner, because remember it starts 11/29 through 12/3 (I have an extended event on my blog).

Now that it is just around the corner it is time to start telling everyone about it and getting everyone ready for a fun and exciting event.   This Christmas there is going to be lots of blogs doing lots of giveaways for cloth diapers, so be on the look out because they are out there!

I will have CDs, CDing accessories, and a HUGE surprise giveaway!  You don't want to miss an of get your extra entries in and check in daily starting Nov 29th! Enter Here!!!!

Here is what is so unique about this awesome event though, it is the same form used by each blogger, so you enter the form once and you have entered it for all the blogs.  The only thing that is required is stop by each blog and comment that you have completed the form so that we know.

Remember, its 4 of us doing this event, so many more chances:

coupon mommy of 3

mommy times
arizona mama
cloth diapering momma (me)

Extra entries only open until 11/28!!!!!!!

So, if you are ready to start getting some extra entries, all you need to do complete the entries on the easy to enter form...

SPONSORS to name a few....
QTbunns (training pant), snugglibebe (CD), trouser (custom diaper bag), moms crafts for you (wetbag) , good things come in 3 (CD) ,tweedlebums (CD), IDbaby (CD), floragayle (wool cover), Milk made momma (diaper rash cream and wipe spray), babybayrs (training pant), new school cloth (CD), rethink crafts (cover), pitter pat (pail liner), nana's bottoms (CD), ladaniels (CD), and more....