Sunday, September 19, 2010

Want to get input.

I am seeking your help mommas and poppas.  I am thinking about starting an online CD and more store!  I would offer my followers up to 10% off the first month and up to 5% off the second month with monthly specials.  I am trying to see if it would be worth my time to do this.  I would be offering Drybees, WAHMIES, Rocky Mountain, Doopsy, and Tiny Tush to name a few.  Please let me know your thoughts!




  1. Even though there are a lot of stores out there, I still think it would be a great idea. I just switched from prefolds and pull on pants to pocket diapers. My first 3 pockets were Doopsy and I LOVE THEM!! I was very happy to see them on your list. For the more part would you be carrying stuff to launder the diapers like the pail liners, detergent, and wet bags?

    I think you get my point that I say GO FOR IT!!

  2. I'm a new follower - but I think this would be AWESOME!! It is one of my dreams to open a store like this some day! I cant wait to keep reading about how things go! :)

  3. @ Ang-
    Yes I would carry wetbags and pail liners as well and possibly a few WAHM items such as diaper clutches and such!
    Thanks for your opinion!