Monday, October 4, 2010

Blog giveaway....Review for Diaper and wipes clutch!

This giveaway will be open 10-4-10 at 530pm EST until 10-6-10 at 9pm EST and is posted on FB....this is the review only!  To enter go to Maddy's cloth diapering momma discussion tab for the actually giveaway!

This clutch is adoreable!  It keeps a small pack of wipes and a diaper handy at all times!  I used it to carry in my purse or leave in the car!  It also works great for dad's (everything in one easy place!).  I also loved the prints available!  This is a momma's must have! Being mom sometimes leaves us unorganized and forgetful (well at least me) and with this clutch I have always had wipes and a diaper in the car for those moments when you thought you would just run to the store really quick and decide to leave the diaper bag behind!  It has saved me many times over!  
To be entered you must go to Etsy and visit bump2baby and favorite her store and then tell me what you would like to have!  You must also follow her on Facebook as bump2baby (the one with the baby) and thank her for the CD momma giveaway!  Also you may get extra entries if you refer people to the blog and or FB if the follow both you will get 2 extra entries (post as indivual posts) and you may get as many as you like.  You may use them on any giveaway you would like! 
Please also check back to the blog for this weeks giveaways....It's lovey week plus a mid-week surprise giveaway!  Also be on the look out on FB for extra entries...Weds or thurs maybe even fri around 1230 est! will draw the winner on 10-6-10 after 9pm EST!

Good luck! 

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