Thursday, February 6, 2014

new momma

It has almost been 5 years since I have become a mommy.  That also means it has been almost 5 years that I have been overweight.  I have stepped through the doors of my local weight watchers many of times only to fizzle out and give up. What makes this time different?
Well I have the support of an awesome leader which is critical since this is a lifetime journey. She is on Facebook and and there no matter what.  I am also a BSN student and the college I attend has a wellness program. Students apply and are few are selected. I made the cut! With this I have access to a nutritionist and a personal trainer 3 x a week.  Both are students graduating in May. My trainer is from new York. She is awesome and kicks my butt. She pushes me because she knows I can even when I think I can't. I'm excited to find me again. To find the me that was there before I was momma. I'll keep you involved in this journey and hopefully motivate you with me. The most anyone has lost in this 9 WK program is 27 lbs so I am determined to lose 28-30. Week one I am down 3.
My starters... sz 18/20. They took my measurements but I didn't get them.
Thanks for reading.

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